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Our New Ambassador… The Park ‘N Fly Guy!

When you ask, we deliver—so we are proud to introduce you to Park ‘N Fly Guy! As it turns out, our customers and employees thought a company brand ambassador was in order, and we created Park ‘N Fly Guy with our commitment to stress-free travel and long-standing mission of making people smile (even while parking at the airport!) in mind.

Since our shuttle drivers may usually be the first person our customers see when they get to the airport and the last one they interact with before they get home, but there was no doubt Park ‘N Fly Guy had to represent each and every employee who plays a part in our exceptional customer service. Friendly and enthusiastic like all of our team members at our parking facilities and behind the scenes, his guitar skills are an added bonus!

To give you a little background about Park ‘N Fly Guy, he has been a loyal employee for 25 years. He was first hired as a shuttle driver and has since risen the ranks with stints as a cashier and lot manager before being promoted to his current position as Chief Enthusiasm Officer. When Park ‘N Fly Guy isn’t attracting new business and vacation travelers, he can be found satisfying his own wanderlust (while leaving his car at our Atlanta airport facility). Never without his trusty guitar, Park ‘N Fly Guy has visited every continent except for Antarctica—which is at the top of his bucket list.

We thought Park ‘N Fly Guy’s musical talent deserved a jingle as well. (Check it out!) We turned to our employees in the form of a contest that gave them an opportunity to create his theme song, and as it turns out, Dallas lot manager Patty Stevenson has a passion for songwriting (and her husband is a singer). Together, they captured the essence of Park ‘N Fly Guy perfectly.

Blue shuttles are on their way…

Park ‘N Fly is what they’ll say…

At the airport or your car door…

We’re not just parking we’re a whole lot more…

Park ‘N Fly, give us a try!

Park ‘N Fly Guy prefers happy customers over fame, which is why he keeps his face obscured by his cowboy hat. Both mysterious and utterly entertaining, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Park ‘N Fly Guy across all marketing and promotional platforms, including our website, emails, social media ads, brochures, billboards and, of course, our airport shuttles!

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